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About Steve

Steve Sax was born in Brooklyn, New York.  Schooled at the Art Students League from 1979-1984, where he studied under famed painter, Harvey Dinnerstein, as well at the School of Visual Arts from1982-1984, where he majored in Fine Arts & Illustration, Steve Sax comes to his work with a traditional Old Master education combined with a current humorous style from his influence of MAD and Cracked magazines, etc.


He has worked as a commercial artist and animator from 1984 to the present. 
Among the highlights of his career are:


  • Assistant to Pop Artist, Red Grooms, 1990

  • Major interactive mural installation at the Fleet Center, Boston, MA, commissioned by Fox Sports Net, 2001

  • One-Man-Show at the Butler Museum, Salem, MA, 1998 (see attached newspaper article)

  • Sports paintings exhibited at Mickey Mantle’s Bar/Restaurant, NYC

  • Sports paintings exhibited at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY

  • Sax’s illustration and cartoon work has been published in such notable newspapers as The New York Times and national magazines including Forbes, Golf Illustrated and Ad Age

  • Plus over 50 commissioned murals by companies including Estee Lauder, Aramis, AT&T and IBM


During his long and varied art career, Steve Sax has been a successful commercial and fine artist, as well as a cartoon illustrator and animator with works appearing worldwide in such places as Israel and Japan.


Murals are in many states, most recently commissioned TD North Bank Center in Boston, MA – interactive animated 100 x 40 foot mural.

Sax's artwork is in many private collections

1988-1991: Taught in Shostakovicha Music and Art School in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

1992-1997 – Ambassador Gallery, Spring Street, New York, NY: Exhibition

2003 – present – Teaching art privately

WAAM Woodstock Art Association Museum

Currently teaching drawing and painting at the Woodstock School of Art. L’ART BRUTE  (“Raw Art" or“ Rough Art”) and Figure Drawing.  Students explore art created outside the boundaries of official culture; bold and colorful works created from solitude and from pure and authentic creative impulses.

Steve Sax

According to Butler Museum Director, Dr. Louis Zona, “Sax extends the tradition of American Pop. His works play on America’s popular culture with techniques that reflect America’s love affair with the cartoon image.” These entertaining works of mixed and multi-media depict some of this culture’s most prominent sports heroes and celebrities in camp style reminiscent of master Pop Artist, Red Grooms, which include images of sports greats Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra and many others. The majority of Sax’s recent works have included sports scenes. At the present time, Sax is focusing his creative attention on large mural projects on a grandiose scale such as the interactive Fleet Center installation.


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